The Best Year of my Life – 2010

Random Thoughts

With the new year entering my life, a new song was in my lips (No! It’s not Sheila Ki Jawani), a new hope in my mind and a new-found enthusiasm. Everything New. Kewl! Isn’t It? With everyone writing about their life in the past year, I get this temptation to pen down (pen is a passé, it’s type) my life in the past year. So, here I’m.

Without doubt, Fried Eye is the best thing that happened in 2010. On 1st of Jan, the very first issue of Fried Eye was released and a whole new world of dreams was unleashed before me. I came in touch of immensely talented people of which I was unaware. Everyone said that Northeast India is like a small India with most of the talents concentrated but untapped. It was almost a cliché that I have grown with but never actually believed it. Perhaps, I was looking things in the wrong perspective. After Fried Eye happened, I would like to say, “Nothing is cliché when it is happening with you.” Destiny helped me meet more and more people who are nothing but a storehouse of talent. Another thing I learned, that these people are immensely humble. Fried Eye had ruled my life whole year.

Another Good thing that happened to me was KraftInn. Two of my brothers started this firm. The aim of KraftInn is to provide environment friendly products for your home. Presently, Kraftinn is catering Bamboo and Rattan products with plans to diversify in the future. I was also trying to help them, but my other commitments did not allow me to help them properly. On August, I decided that I’ll take a break from my work and give my full attention to KraftInn. That was easier thought than actually doing it. For most of the time, I was clueless for what I want to do. While trying to figure out things, I got interested in the idea that I want work in KraftInn. Work as in Job. But, to get that I’ll have to work hard. I’m presently in Internship with KraftInn. I hope 2011 makes me a full-fledged employee.

With KraftInn, I went to various places. Guwahati and New Delhi being two of them. You must be wondering why these two tours were special. I went to these places for exhibition of KraftInn products. Both these experiences made me interact with thousands of people which was in fact a part of my personality development (Although, it is still not developed). Apart from that, there were instances when I felt that there was a divine power that lead me to these places. Guwahati regional finals of Asian Beats was supposed to be held in Kalakhetra but due to some unforeseen reasons, the venue had to be shifted to Maniram Dewan Trade Centre ( the venue where our exhibition was going on). I got to watch a wide variety of sounds in the competition. That was super special. While in New Delhi, KraftInn products were selected by Assam Tourism to be displayed in front Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh and other dignitaries on the occasion of Indira Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary. My brother sent me to represent KraftInn. Meeting the most powerful people were special but even more special was witnessing the cultural variety of Northeast India, the Sunrise States as the event was name. It was an AWESOME experience that filled me with loads of ecstasy.

That was my career profile. Now, coming to personal front. For the last 6 months I cannot stop smiling, the reason you will know soon. (No, I’m not telling you in this note. For that you have to stalk my facebook profile for some more time.) Another personal achievement I made was that I learned some cooking. Cooking is almost like poetry. You get a colossal smile in your face when you make a dish that is perfect. Perfect Look, Perfect Taste. (it’s a different thing that I was not perfect, but my friend Sanjeeta never failed to make me believe that I was perfect. The fact that she never ate my food might be a reason.) I got chance to be innovative while cooking as a matter of competition with my brother who is an AWESOME cook. Anyways, it added to the variety of what I eat.

In Short, 2010 was the best year in my life.

P.S. . – I’m still waiting for the Chicken. I still get nightmares about the Khukri. A strange giggle like sound keeps echoing my ears. My nose gets swelled with pride with those sweet compliments that you give me. Even in my dreams I get advised. I still dream of improving my handwriting. I still remember how we became friends (or sweet rivals). I remember the day when I stood lost and you said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be always with you, no matter what comes.” Yes, I got new friends this year and the bonding with older ones got stronger then ever. To my friends, Cheers!


Sometimes I wonder

Attempted Poetry, Creative Randomness

Sometimes I wonder
Whether I love you or not?
Because I have not yet written a poem for you,
A poem that describes my feelings for you,
How much I love you,
What I think about you,
And what I not,
What I like about you,
And what I hate,
When do you grace me with that beautiful smile of yours,
When do you get angry,
I m unable to write a poem for you,
Cause my poem is very unpoetic,
But my love is not unloving,
Sometimes I wonder,
Whether I love you or not?

The Dream

Attempted Poetry, Creative Randomness

Last night I had a dream
In my dream, you got younger
So did I.
We were both 16 again
We met as if for the first time
Our eyes met
You took your eyes off me
And a shy smile surfaced in your lips
My heart started pounding
I gathered all courage
that I could muster
and moved towards you
As I did it
I felt a chill in my chest
You gave that deadly smile of yours
I was almost dead
But, then I got an energy
that was so unknown to me
it gave me a strange confidence
and I was walking towards you
with a calmness
that was so unlike me
I could not stop smiling
An ecstatic feeling surrounded me
Yes, I knew this feeling.
I was in love,
I was in love again.
I still can’t get out of it.
I am in love with you,
I love you,
I love you
I love you.

Speaking Tree Summit

Creative Randomness, Essay

Recently, a Speaking Tree Summit was held. Trees of different countries took place. As the trees cannot move, the summit was held through phone conversations. As they don’t know how to use phone, volunteers from the human community who understand the language of trees were invited. I happened to be one of them. Oops! The secret is out that I speak with trees. I am not mad, believe me. It is a God’s gift to few people like me. Don’t get jealous. I am sharing some opinions shared by the trees during the event. Names of the trees were excluded as they wanted us to respect their anonymity.

“I am a tree, who was planted by some good people near the Highway, so that it looks good. People felt good passing by that highway and enjoyed the beauty. But, now the govt. is expanding the road. When plans were made, we used to spend our days (and also our nights) with the fright of being cut down. Thankfully, we were safe. But, the life after that has been worse. The construction is taking time more than it should have taken. The weather also is acting funny. Rain was very scarce last year. The whole area is covered by dust and I don’t know how to clean myself. Every time a vehicle passes, it drives all the dust to me and my friends. I am so dirty. God! I need a shower.”

“I am a tree, who was planted by the govt. for the beautification of the city. I felt honored, when they took this step. No one in my family has ever been to a metro. But, obviously nothing comes for free. There is so much of pollution, I cannot take it anymore. I knew that I was supposed to decrease the pollution but even we cannot take beyond a certain limit. I want to go back to my family. But, I cannot. I will be dying soon if they don’t do something about it.”

“I am a tree, actually half a tree. I was very happy as a kid. I had no complaints for 15-20 years. There was power line going above me. But, as I grew, I started to mess with power line. But that was unintentional. I tried my best to avoid it. But, sometime ago, I was cut down half vertically to make way for the power line.”

“I am a tree and was very happy till last year. I am situated in village home. Children of the house used to play around me and there is a swing hanged to one of my branches. So, children often used to be around. But, now the children don’t have time to play. They need to study and focus on their career. The landlord of the house is also planning an extension of the house and it is towards where I stay. They are planning to cut me down. They don’t want to cut me down but, they don’t really have a choice. They even considered an expert if I could be relocated, but that also did not work. So, with a heavy heart they decided to cut me down next Sunday. I wish I could be present in the marriage that is going to happen in the house soon. I have seen him grow, and I love him. Perhaps my life will be a gift for his marriage.”

“I am the Royal Poinciana (Krishnachura). I stay with a whole bunch of my friends alongside a big pond built by one Ahom King. Great poets write great poems about me and keep flattering me. They still come, but of late their number has decreased. I see more of young couples since the government had fixed benches under my shadow. I like when people get in a romantic mood due to my presence but I don’t like when students bunk their classes to date under my shadow.”
Then there was a baby voice. “Hi, I am sapling. Since there is so much of hue and cry about global warming, government plants thousands of us in cities and suburban areas. They forget all about me after planting us in the highways and suburban roads. We starve for water and cough so much due to vehicular pollution and most of us die soon orphaned”
“Sorry for me coming here. I am not a tree, but a fern. I can be found anywhere. I am very common in warm temperate regions. I grow as wild but, people do eat me and I am the cheapest of vegetables as nobody cultivates me. Sometimes poor people collect it themselves when they have nothing to eat as a vegetable. People also make curry out of me. I had no problem with. Recently, my protein content has been widely popularized by the scientists. It is being said that I am more nutritious than a pack of soybeans. Now, I fear that people might eat so much of me that I might get extinct… Please do take care of me. I am a very useful plant.”
Well, there were many other issues that were covered in the summit, but I am feeling very sleepy now. I will tell you some other day. Till then check some pictures I found in one old calendar by CRY.

Roses are red, violets are blue, is it true, they once grew.
We help you to live, don’t cut us.

(Half Tree Picture Courtesy: People for Trees Link:

(This post was first published in Ginger Chai.)


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Hi, I am Sripng. Yup, you got it and I did na fumble. I never met sumone so far in life who could pronounce ma name correctly. I don’t know what was in ma parents’ mind when they named me such.
The only memory I have about ma parents is the bloody name I have. I was dumped in the church with a note sayin ma name. Church guys thought they may have a hard time callin me, but Father John stuck to the name. He loved me very much.

Last Gift

Creative Randomness, Fiction

(* Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and it has nothing to do with real life. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to any person alive or dead is purely coincidental. *)

We were meeting after a long time. But, instead of telling about our interesting stories in all these years, we were quiet and neither of us knew what the other had gone through to make them so quiet. We were sitting in the half constructed bridge and watching the sunset and a myriad of thoughts were going through both our minds. I had known Sophia for the past 35 years. We were childhood friends. After the sunset, I dropped Sophia at her home. On my way back I was wondering what might have happened that made the bubbly Sophia so quiet.

We were childhood friends. I, Sameer was sent to boarding school when I was in class VI. After Class XII when I came back, I was 17 and she was 16 and both of us were in the pinnacle of youth. I proposed to her but she refused saying that she never thought of me in that manner. I thought that was the most stupid reply she could ever give but did not say anything. I tried to compose myself and said, “Okay! As you say! But I will wait for you till my last breath. If you ever feel that I can be of any use to you do say and don’t hesitate for a while, I will be there without causing you any problem.” It was a very clichéd dialogue, but that was the best a person can do when he is heart-broken. Then I went to study engineering and she went for medicals. After engineering I got a job in IS Tech. Someone told me that she got married to a doctor. I did not know more details; neither did I try anything to know more. We did not meet for the next 10 years. One day I met her in a marriage party and I must say she was looking as beautiful as she was 10 years before. She was very happy with her life; at least it seemed like that. I also met her husband. “Girls always know, when they have better options”, I thought. He was good looking and very interesting to talk and he settled so early in life. He had progressed in overall. I was happy that Sophia was happy. But, somewhere in the back of my mind, I had memories that were not exactly making me happy. “LOSER!!!”, I felt like shouting to myself but resisted from doing any such thing.

Well, another ten years had passed. We had met after a long time. Time passes so easily, and we don’t even feel it, actually we don’t have enough time to think about it. After yesterday’s meeting, I was very uneasy. So today, I went straight to her home. I wanted to surprise her. Well, it was a surprise but she did not seem to like it exactly, but anyways welcomed me in.

We were both silent for a while. “Why is there so much of a silence? Where is her husband? Her in-laws?”, so many questions popped into my mind.

After a while, I said, “Why don’t all of you join me for a lunch tomorrow? And it is a Sunday!”.
Sophia did not reply. After a while she said, “I live here alone! Last year all of them died within a month…”, and she got lost in her thoughts.
I had the greatest shock of my life. I did not know what to say. I have known about her kid’s death. He was 14 years old when he died. He fell off from a moving city bus, while returning from tuition. It was 2 years back. It was a huge tragedy, but this was gross pain to lose all the family members within a month.
“I am sorry!”, I exclaimed. I wanted to console her, but I was in terrible loss of words. .
“Why are you sorry? You did not offend me. It was my fate who betrayed me.”
“Look Sophia, I don’t know about the depth of the grief that you underwent. And I don’t want to know about it also, but that is Life and since you are still not dead, you will have to live it. You have no other choice other than moving ahead in life.”
Sophia looked at me and gave a meek smile. I could not understand why was she smiling, perhaps it has been a long time since someone screamed at her.
“Stop smiling! I mean I want you to smile but, but …..”, I stopped. “Err… What am I saying?”, I thought. After a while, both of us broke into laughter. But, she started crying. I felt that she should be let to cry and drain out all her anguish. I have always felt that crying helps.
“Okay! What is there for food?”, I asked after a while, trying to lighten up the situation. She wiped her tears and said, “Nothing! You came without notice.”
“Where is the best restaurant in the town? Today it is your Birthday right? You will have to treat me!”
Sophia was amused and said, “Although it is not my birthday, I will treat you.”
The days had passed and Sophia was back to normal. One day Sophia said, “Do you remember, you proposed me once?”
I was surprised to know that she remembered. “Well, I do!”, I tried to keep it short.
“Well,… do you still love me?”, she asked.
“Why do you want to know?”, I asked. In the back of my mind, I was wondering what might be in her mind.
“I was wondering why are you still unmarried.”, she replied.
“You raised the standards of my choice.”, I replied with grin trying to avoid the topic.
“Well, so we should now look for a girl that meets your standards.”
“That is next to impossible!”
“Well, I suppose I know my standards and I also suppose that it is high time that you should get married.”
“I thought about it but now I am old. Next Independence Day, I will be 40.”
“Is it necessary to talk about it right now?”, I tried best to avoid the topic not being sure about what she has in mind.
“Yes!”, she replied.
“Look! Life has not being easy to me either. But, now I have learned to forget the past and move ahead. But, moving ahead doesn’t necessarily mean to pursue the same path.”
Sophia was stunned wondering if it was the same Sameer who brought her from the shadows of grief. I suppose she did not dare to ask as I did not ask her past. Or, perhaps she did not understand the last line. That might also be a reason to keep quiet.
“I need a friend in this point of life. ” I said suddenly.
“Can you elaborate on this?”
“I have very less time left! 2 months at maximum, but those are too high hopes.”
“What????”, she could not believe her ears.
I showed my reports and said, “I actually came for treatment from you. My doctors told that you are the best in this field. They also told me about some part of your tragedy. They were not sure to send me to you. It is only when I told them that you are my childhood friend, they let me come. I thought, anyway I will be dead and doctors can only extend my life. So, I tried my best to hide this fact from you.”
“THEN WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME NOW?”, she yelled. She was crying now and perhaps thinking that what enmity fate has with her. I felt sorry for her.
“My last wish is that you will be brave and always smile till your last breadth.”, I said all of a sudden. How stupid of me.
“Oh! Stop that crap, and let me see what I can do” and she started analysing the reports.
She was one of the leading doctors who specialised in it, but she stopped practicing after her child’s death. I was thinking if I had to die what better way to die than die at her hands. I was cursing myself for overlooking the emotional trauma that Sophia might go through awaiting my death. I have always been so stupid.
Sophia was cursing herself as much of the time was wasted. One of the good thing about Sophia was that she was never carried off by emotions. The emotions attached only made her push her limits.
I was hospitalised immediately. After a few days, I felt better. She was happy that I was progressing; at least it seemed like that. She was fighting with death and it is no easy fight. With each passing day, death was nearer and she had to make an extra effort to save me. One day when I was looking at the calendar, I came to know that 3 months have passed. Voilà, Sophia extended my life. Now, each day is a bonus day for me. This gave me enough hope and it was proving an advantage for Sophia. I now feel that I can be cured of this deadly disease.
Today, I took release from the hospital, I had sufficiently improved. I still feel weak but now, I hope that I would be cured. Sophia gifted me with hope. She also gifted me with a friend that I have ever longed for. Today, we are sitting in the same bridge which has now been completed, viewing the sunrise of a new morning….