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In Vedas, it is being said that there are 4 kinds of teachers -“Mata Guru, Pita Guru, Shiksha Guru, Diksha Guru”, i.e., Your Mother, Your Father, Your School Teacher, and your spiritual teacher. Learning is such an important part of our life that it is almost synonymous with life. As learning is so important so are the teachers, because without them, we don’t learn in the proper way. We meet various teachers in our lives but we tend to remember a few. I am going to say a few lines about one such teacher. Dey Mam my first class teacher. In our school, we used to call all lady teachers as “Miss”. But, she insisted in calling herself as “Mam”. So, till I left my school I thought that her name was “Mam”. I guess many of us also thought the same.

Mam was a very strict teacher and we all were very afraid of her. Whenever we used to shout in the class, she just need to say “Class I” and we all were silent with the index finger in our lips. She was our class teacher for three consecutive years. And in these years we came to know that though she was very strict, she used to love us like her own children. Frankly, speaking I don’t remember what is the subject she used to teach us. It was probably science. But, I remember that whenever I had a any problem with any subject I just wen to her and she used to help me. I remember once when I lost my S.St. notebook just before the exams and no one was ready to give me his/her notebook, it was Mam who helped me in preparing my notebook. There are many such memories that still linger around.

Mam you are superb. Mam we love you.

I just wish that everyone gets a teacher like you.


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