The Dream

Attempted Poetry, Creative Randomness

Last night I had a dream
In my dream, you got younger
So did I.
We were both 16 again
We met as if for the first time
Our eyes met
You took your eyes off me
And a shy smile surfaced in your lips
My heart started pounding
I gathered all courage
that I could muster
and moved towards you
As I did it
I felt a chill in my chest
You gave that deadly smile of yours
I was almost dead
But, then I got an energy
that was so unknown to me
it gave me a strange confidence
and I was walking towards you
with a calmness
that was so unlike me
I could not stop smiling
An ecstatic feeling surrounded me
Yes, I knew this feeling.
I was in love,
I was in love again.
I still can’t get out of it.
I am in love with you,
I love you,
I love you
I love you.


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