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Sitting in the bar, sipping his drink.

He went to the bedroom and shot his wife.

He suddenly woke up and thanked God that it was only a nightmare and not something true.

He was going back to sleep when he felt something sticky. He switched on the lights only to find her dead.



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Hi, I am Sripng. Yup, you got it and I did na fumble. I never met sumone so far in life who could pronounce ma name correctly. I don’t know what was in ma parents’ mind when they named me such.
The only memory I have about ma parents is the bloody name I have. I was dumped in the church with a note sayin ma name. Church guys thought they may have a hard time callin me, but Father John stuck to the name. He loved me very much.


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In Vedas, it is being said that there are 4 kinds of teachers -“Mata Guru, Pita Guru, Shiksha Guru, Diksha Guru”, i.e., Your Mother, Your Father, Your School Teacher, and your spiritual teacher. Learning is such an important part of our life that it is almost synonymous with life. As learning is so important so are the teachers, because without them, we don’t learn in the proper way. We meet various teachers in our lives but we tend to remember a few. I am going to say a few lines about one such teacher. Dey Mam my first class teacher. In our school, we used to call all lady teachers as “Miss”. But, she insisted in calling herself as “Mam”. So, till I left my school I thought that her name was “Mam”. I guess many of us also thought the same.

Mam was a very strict teacher and we all were very afraid of her. Whenever we used to shout in the class, she just need to say “Class I” and we all were silent with the index finger in our lips. She was our class teacher for three consecutive years. And in these years we came to know that though she was very strict, she used to love us like her own children. Frankly, speaking I don’t remember what is the subject she used to teach us. It was probably science. But, I remember that whenever I had a any problem with any subject I just wen to her and she used to help me. I remember once when I lost my S.St. notebook just before the exams and no one was ready to give me his/her notebook, it was Mam who helped me in preparing my notebook. There are many such memories that still linger around.

Mam you are superb. Mam we love you.

I just wish that everyone gets a teacher like you.

Messengers of God

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“If you want to see miracles than be the miracle.”
– Bruce Almighty

You may be thinking that this post must have something to do with religion, but let me tell you at the very beginning that it has nothing to do with religion.I am talking about the real messengers of God, the people who take God in their hearts wherever they go.Yes,you read it correct, they take God with them. You must be wondering about which people I am talking about. I am talking about the people who are making difference to the world yet they don’t get recognition because we take it for granted, that they are like that only. We quite often say it candidly that (s)he is a very helpful person and that is it. But, frankly speaking hardly a handful people have the courage to help people around them.

Let me start with the people who helped me when I needed the most, and they did not even give me a chance to thank them.

I was a patient of Epilepsy, when I was a kid.And in that period of time I came to know that the world is a beautiful place to live. I used to get serious attacks and at that moment I was totally helpless, and I never knew when the attacks would come. So, the attacks would come variably at home , at school, or at the middle of the road. I was lucky if the attacks came at home or at school where everyone knew me. But if it came at the latter, than you can imagine what could be my condition, but I was very lucky in those cases that I was always helped by someone or the other. At those times, I felt like they were the messengers of God, who came down to Earth just to help me.
It was one such day,when I got a serious attack I had and there was my mother with me. My mother was waiting for the attack to calm down as she had no other choice. There were many people who knew us but weren’t doing much because they themselves did not know what to do. They wanted to help us but they could not for the simple reason that they were not very sure of what to do. Infact, most of them helped in whatever way they could. But, the most courageous effort was shown by a gentleman (whose name I could not know due to my position). He came forward and lifted me in his arms, which needed quite a lot of effort as during an attack I used to get stiff as a steel rod and convulsions were so strong and nobody knew in which direction my limbs would get. I cannot put that experience into words but just try to imagine. He lifted me and put me in his car and asked my mom where to go. He then told that he saw us and just thought “I was wondering who it was from the other road and it was my Baidew (elder sister) and instantly I came down”. I have never met that man before and look at his humbleness. How comfortably he was helping us by not just by taking us to our home but also encouraging us that everything will be alright. We then reached home and he just left without even drinking a drop of water in his new found sisters home. He went away, and till date we don’t know who he was or where he is now.

Now, isn’t that a wonderful miracle. A miracle that is being blessed to all of us and it only needs an oppurtunity to get noticed. That man was truly a messeneger of God, saying that God is not just found in the religious places but God is everywhere in whatever form. So, we should love everyone, everything, and then we will see that the world is a beautiful place to live in like I see it.
There are many people who came to my life at various points with similar messages making my belief even stronger. And I know there are many such experiences that are yet to be faced, and I am eagerly waiting for it to happen. Amen.