The Best Year of my Life – 2010

Random Thoughts

With the new year entering my life, a new song was in my lips (No! It’s not Sheila Ki Jawani), a new hope in my mind and a new-found enthusiasm. Everything New. Kewl! Isn’t It? With everyone writing about their life in the past year, I get this temptation to pen down (pen is a passé, it’s type) my life in the past year. So, here I’m.

Without doubt, Fried Eye is the best thing that happened in 2010. On 1st of Jan, the very first issue of Fried Eye was released and a whole new world of dreams was unleashed before me. I came in touch of immensely talented people of which I was unaware. Everyone said that Northeast India is like a small India with most of the talents concentrated but untapped. It was almost a cliché that I have grown with but never actually believed it. Perhaps, I was looking things in the wrong perspective. After Fried Eye happened, I would like to say, “Nothing is cliché when it is happening with you.” Destiny helped me meet more and more people who are nothing but a storehouse of talent. Another thing I learned, that these people are immensely humble. Fried Eye had ruled my life whole year.

Another Good thing that happened to me was KraftInn. Two of my brothers started this firm. The aim of KraftInn is to provide environment friendly products for your home. Presently, Kraftinn is catering Bamboo and Rattan products with plans to diversify in the future. I was also trying to help them, but my other commitments did not allow me to help them properly. On August, I decided that I’ll take a break from my work and give my full attention to KraftInn. That was easier thought than actually doing it. For most of the time, I was clueless for what I want to do. While trying to figure out things, I got interested in the idea that I want work in KraftInn. Work as in Job. But, to get that I’ll have to work hard. I’m presently in Internship with KraftInn. I hope 2011 makes me a full-fledged employee.

With KraftInn, I went to various places. Guwahati and New Delhi being two of them. You must be wondering why these two tours were special. I went to these places for exhibition of KraftInn products. Both these experiences made me interact with thousands of people which was in fact a part of my personality development (Although, it is still not developed). Apart from that, there were instances when I felt that there was a divine power that lead me to these places. Guwahati regional finals of Asian Beats was supposed to be held in Kalakhetra but due to some unforeseen reasons, the venue had to be shifted to Maniram Dewan Trade Centre ( the venue where our exhibition was going on). I got to watch a wide variety of sounds in the competition. That was super special. While in New Delhi, KraftInn products were selected by Assam Tourism to be displayed in front Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh and other dignitaries on the occasion of Indira Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary. My brother sent me to represent KraftInn. Meeting the most powerful people were special but even more special was witnessing the cultural variety of Northeast India, the Sunrise States as the event was name. It was an AWESOME experience that filled me with loads of ecstasy.

That was my career profile. Now, coming to personal front. For the last 6 months I cannot stop smiling, the reason you will know soon. (No, I’m not telling you in this note. For that you have to stalk my facebook profile for some more time.) Another personal achievement I made was that I learned some cooking. Cooking is almost like poetry. You get a colossal smile in your face when you make a dish that is perfect. Perfect Look, Perfect Taste. (it’s a different thing that I was not perfect, but my friend Sanjeeta never failed to make me believe that I was perfect. The fact that she never ate my food might be a reason.) I got chance to be innovative while cooking as a matter of competition with my brother who is an AWESOME cook. Anyways, it added to the variety of what I eat.

In Short, 2010 was the best year in my life.

P.S. . – I’m still waiting for the Chicken. I still get nightmares about the Khukri. A strange giggle like sound keeps echoing my ears. My nose gets swelled with pride with those sweet compliments that you give me. Even in my dreams I get advised. I still dream of improving my handwriting. I still remember how we became friends (or sweet rivals). I remember the day when I stood lost and you said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be always with you, no matter what comes.” Yes, I got new friends this year and the bonding with older ones got stronger then ever. To my friends, Cheers!